Linelight: One of the Best Puzzle and Maze Games Ever! Review

Linelight is one of the best puzzle and maze games I’ve ever played. Wonderful and simple, Linelight is a happy place to hang out. Simple controls, moving your “Light” with the arrow keys or controller along a “Line” maze path, you finish little quick puzzles and progress through the worlds. No loading screens or nonsense gold […]

Show FPS Framerate in Game with MSI Afterburner: How To

How to show FPS in game with MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner It’s fairly easy to set up MSI Afterburner & Riva tuner to show framerate in games. These tools work with any card Nvidia or AMD regardless of manufacturer, you don’t have to use msi for this to work. All you powercolor lovers out […]

Rocketbirds 2 Review (Steam): How are Chicken Nuggets Made?

Rocketbirds 2 is the best game I’ve played in like a year. Totally unexpected and does so much stuff right. Very impressive. You play as a big chicken who got taken prisoner by evil do-ers and you gotta escape. Early on you rescue metal chicken and he rides on your back and shoots mofos while […]

My Pet Rock Review: How to Save the Planet!

My Pet Rock is very good. A cross between Missile Command & Asteroids. My Pet Rock throws in some upgrades, powerups, and its unique ship handling physics to make a tuff lil mo. Blow up other ships, protect ur planet. Exploded ships drop scrap and sometimes powerups. Scrap buys stuff out of the giant upgrade […]

Project Cars: Disappointing Xbox Live Games with Gold

Project Cars is cool if you like games that aren’t really games. When I want a hot game to drop hours into, I’m kind of looking for game elements. Things like Points, Levels, XP, Dollas, these are all cool rewards you get when you beat something challenging. That’s the point of a game. Project Cars […]

Finding Teddy 2: Review

Tasking you with great adventures and a little peril, Finding Teddy 2 throws you into a big ole fantasy world looking pretty much like a supersized doll house. Unfortunately, straying from the standard platformer concept and aspiring to be unique leads this game straight into a tedious nightmare. The presentation of Finding Teddy 2 is […]

Best PC Controller? Gamepad Review Comparison

Choosing the best PC controller is tuff. I use a controller on PC constantly. Racing games, Sports, Flight Simulators, platformers, XBMC/Kodi, these all work significantly better with a controller. With Steam Big Picture & Media PC stuff becoming more prominent in the living room, I need a controller on pc more than ever before, especially wireless. Here […]

Best Gaming Keyboard?

The best gaming keyboards take a serious beating. When you’re sidestrafin AWP idiots from a mile away with out even a care, a keyboard that withstands significant tap tappin and namecalling is pretty important. Keyboards haven’t changed much in the last 900 years and there are two basic types: Mechanical, or Membrane. Mechanical keyboards have actual switches, and […]