Best Gaming Keyboard?

Best Gaming Keyboard?


The best gaming keyboards take a serious beating. When you’re sidestrafin AWP idiots from a mile away with out even a care, a keyboard that withstands significant tap tappin and namecalling is pretty important. Keyboards haven’t changed much in the last 900 years and there are two basic types: Mechanical, or Membrane. Mechanical keyboards have actual switches, and membrane keyboards have a lil rubber thing that presses down on the motherboard and goes woo you pressed a key do something.

Mechanical keyboards are amazing, but they also start around $130. It’s definitely not wrong to justify the cost, you’re using the thing every single day for who knows how many hours. Same way I justify my old saying “Ferrari 458 GT2 b4 hoes.”

Here’s 3 of the Best Gaming Keyboards you can acquire for currency right this nanosecond!!

Ferrari 458 GT


Razer Black Widow Chroma Keyboard

Razer Black Widow Chroma – $159.99 – Mechanical.

This keyboard is hot. It changes colors!! It also empties my wallet. I’ve played around with a not-colorful Black Widow before, it was pretty okayy. If you have hotties in your bachelorette pad 24/8 and wanna show off, this might be right up your.

Unfortunately, Razer uses their own branded key switches in the Black Widow. They aren’t Cherry brand, and aren’t necessarily compatible with 3rd party keycaps. This is also ridiculous if you happen to break a switch and need a replacement. Good luck finding one, probably gonna be buying a dead board on ebay someone spilled a gallon of Dorito-Dew on. I greatly dislike proprietary bullshit.

Okay keyboard but too flashy and overpriced for my body.



SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – $88 – Mechnical

SteelSeries is winning my heart and arms recently. This new $88 SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard has real Cherry Red switches, which most people argue are the best key switches ever made for gaming. Almost every other gaming keyboard uses these as well, so mechanically this keyboard should be hot to trot until the universe collapses in on itself.

I don’t particularly like the cheap looking font/screenprinting on the key caps, but you know whats super hot?? You can buy new keycaps for these Cherry switches!! OoOOOoooooo customizable¿¿ Because they’re a standard switch, tonss of people make caps in different profiles and slopes, flat top or domed whatever you wanna try out for like $20.

For the price, I think this is the best value entry-point mechanical keyboard on the market right this second.

HOWEVER:: I am of the party who does nottt like Cherry Red switches specifically. They are not good for typing, and don’t click. SteelSeries has this exact same keyboard with Cherry Black switches, which are still non-clicky (quiet) but have harder springs. Cherry Red are super light and stupid, Cherry Black are the same switch but harder to push (barely). If you rest your hands on the keyboard, the Cherry Red are more prone to accidental clicking and it’s extremely annoying. Don’t blow $100 on a whole board of stupid keys. If you’re super into testin, I think Cherry still sells sample packs of all their keys, or ebay whatever.



Logitech K120 – $13 – Non-Mechanical

This is the keyboard I’ve used for the last 5 years atleast. In the billion garbage keyboards I’ve used all over the world, this stupid cheap Logitech is the best typing experience I’ve had in a membrane board, and is nicer than a large number of old mechanical boards. The keystroke is short, but not laptop useless short. The keys click just a tiny bit, almost sounding like a mechanical board, but not obnoxious. If you live in an apartment with 14 fox bats, this will not ail their sensitive senses.

This is the best non-mechanical keyboard ever made. There is zero competition.

5 years with no issues is insanely impressive for a cheap keyboard. It’s spill resistant, and has seen many glasses of water. I’ve completely worn off the home key markers on F and J, but the lettering ink is still perfect. Magic concrete based ink I can only assume. The font is large, so without a backlight it’s fairly easy to see the key letters in a dark room with just monitor light.

I’ve used this stupid keyboard for hundreds of hours of CS:GO, it’s never been the limiting factor. Ghosting is fine up to 6 keys dfkjas see. dfjas 7 doesn’t work. This means you can easily be strafing and tap a melee button or whatever without it locking up. Some idiot keyboards lock out at like 2 keys which is completely useless for every single damn thing.

This is also a full board too with number pad, F1 – F12, and the scroll lock and pause break whatever those do. The enter key isn’t idiot shaped either, it’s a straight bar and standard layout. I super enjoy boards with a like 8 spot sized return continental plate and a backspace key the size of honey i shrunk the blue footed boobie.

Straight up though if you think you hate membrane keyboards and “need” to buy a mechanical board, try one of these first. This is as good as a non-mechanical keyboard can possibly be and is definitely one of the best keyboards ever designed for typing on. If you do spill a metric elephant of Dorito-MDX-EnergyMax on the stupid thing atleast you’re not really out any money.


Keyboards are something you use every flippin day for thousands of repetitive actions. It’s pretty important to have a decent one that doesn’t give you aneurysms. Gaming is a high-impact multi-key sport where cheap keyboards are the limiting factor in yo performance. The Razer BlackWidow is a hot mechanical keyboard, but for way too much money and relies on proprietary switches that have no proven durability. SteelSeries has a very reasonably priced mechanical keyboard with 2 different click-less Cherry brand switches, which are the proven benchmark for durability and quality. Logitech has a $13 keyboard that I’ve been using perfectly fine for 5+ years with zero issues and gallons of water spilled on it. Maybe spend $13 and throw the $100 difference into Steam games ooo! (really thats like a whole year of entertainment if you strategically invest during sales).


Old Scoot!
Old Scoot!