Best PC Controller? Gamepad Review Comparison

Best PC Controller? Gamepad Review Comparison

Choosing the best PC controller is tuff. I use a controller on PC constantly. Racing games, Sports, Flight Simulators, platformers, XBMC/Kodi, these all work significantly better with a controller. With Steam Big Picture & Media PC stuff becoming more prominent in the living room, I need a controller on pc more than ever before, especially wireless.

Here is a comparison of the best PC Controllers available ~

1. Razer Sabertooth Elite – $78

Razer makes a lot of stuff, and a few years ago they flopped out an xbox 360 controller called the Onza. It was supposed to be a big MLG hot to trot mega mother, but was immediately banned because it had extra little macro buttons which break regulations.

The Razer Sabertooth is their second xbox 360 controller, and doesn’t really seem to offer much compared to the Onza.

The price is disgusting at $78, and really has no future with the xbox 360 at the end of its life.

If you’ve got the cash, this controller will plug right in your PC and work hot. I’m waiting until Razer does an Xbox One controller though.

2. Logitech Gamepad F310 – $20

This ugly ridiculous thing has been around for basically a billion years. For the price though, this is a significant step up in quality compared to something like a bottom shelf madcatz 360 controller.

This is the budget entry, and has worked fine for millions of people, but it looks awful and just leaves you wishing you spent like $10 more for something less terrible.

3. Wired Microsoft Official Xbox 360 Controller – $30

Heyyy a wired 360 controller. They just plug in and party. No real setup or weird shapes, I’ve used these for years on tons of games.

I almost would say I prefer the 360 controller to Xbox One for racing games. I dunno, everything is tighter and easier for me to control. I also like these 360 controllers weight, theyre a lott heavier than the Xbox One controller and wayyy more sturdy.

5. Wireless Microsoft Official Xbox 360 Controller – $40

This is the only respectable way to control a media center PC. Xbox controllers work totally fine with XBMC/Kodi, and wireless is obviously a necessity.

To get wireless functionality on PC, you can either buy the Microsoft official hub dongle ($15 Amazon), or grab a generic one for a few dollars less ($10 Amazon). I have an ebay white one, it is a complete hassle to get installed, but has been reliable. It doesn’t disconnect or go off during restarts or anything. I think I would recommend spending more for the official Microsoft one though, I don’t know if that’s easier to install but hopefully.

4. Microsoft Official Xbox One Controller – $54

Going into the future, I think the best option is just dropping down on a real Xbox One controller (if you don’t need wireless). These hook up with a USB Micro cable ($4 6ft Amazon), and work exactly the same as a 360 controller.

This is what I’ve been using for reviews since basically Xbox One launch. I’m still annoyed there’s no trigger rumble on PC, and the whole controller without batteries is wayyyy too light. It feels like a cheap toy. Also there’s sharp edges around the triggers and the bumpers are complete trash.

Also I broke the end of a cable once when the everything got caught under a chair. Just an awful design and I’m amazed it didnt destroy the whole controller port. If you can find a quick-disconnect USB Micro cable, yes.

But woo maybe they’ll add trigger rumble in the future. Doubt it. Windows 10 better flippin flip my dolphins.


PC is such a varied platform, having a good controller is insanely helpful. Racing games, FIFA, Sports, Flight Simulators, Media Center PC’s, Steam Big Picture, all of these are significantly more enjoyable with even the most basic controller.

Razer, Microsoft, and Logitech make controllers. Razer is always expensive, but probably the best gaming specific tool. For everything else, a good wired or wireless xbox controller is totally fine, and completely supported by Microsoft and Steam. If you need wireless for a media center pc or just like wireless, the ole 360 controllers are still your only real option, and it’s not bad with the wireless receiver.

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