The Spatials: PC Review!

The Spatials: PC Review!


The Spatials is an entertaining little time dumpster. If you are a lollipop for RTS/building/management/sim strategy games like Gnomoria, Prison Architect, Theme Hospital, or you just like cats, The Spatials is worth a clickin.

The Spatials has serious depth. This is not your babushka’s wafer thin Stromboli umbrella. A substantial research/skill tree unlocks about a billion things to build on your ever-expanding moon-base. These productive and decorative unlocks attract space tourists, who quite enjoy buying useless souvenirs and pizza. Take their cash, build more stuff, conquer the universe.

Research points are earned by liberating foreign planets and spreading democracy. This feels so natural, I wish the game had actual eagle songs to echo the freedom birds perched on my windowsill. Fact: Bald Eagles can spot a freedom-lacking planet that needs liberating from 18,152,056,197,489.27 lightyears away ( US national debt).

The art style isn’t super hot. Everything looks like vector graphics, which it is, and it was on IOS & Android a while ago (May 5th, 2014, metacritic). I don’t know if anything has been added or changed for the PC version, states “My sources say no.”

Conquering planets typically just involves clicking around on the map and lazer gunning some pirates. After bringing freedom, you can buy up the planet’s resources and use them back on your moon base to sell to tourists or whatever. This is a fairly major part of the game, and unfortunately the missions lack variety and the actual unit controls are terrible. It’s a lottt of clicking and hard to be super precise. I’d prefer just holding right mouse to have the group follow the pointer or something. A mildly interesting upgrade & xp system keeps these battles from being too repetitive, allowing different skills and weapons to be equipped to squad members.

Presentation of the depth of material in this game is adequate but imperfect. Poor inventory management and a complicated squad skill system is kind of confusing to work with. Everything functions, but there are so many better ways to handle these systems. This is an issue that should be improved when porting from mobile to pc. Lacking extra features like map rotation and mini-map displays on planet missions doesn’t help. Poor art style on planets becomes repetitive and often assets are in the way, obscuring battle movement or hiding enemies.

This is a fun little game though. It’s a good prod at old stuff like Theme Hospital, and really has some cool stuff to unlock if you want to spend a pile of time in it. It’s entertaining, a bit clunky basically everywhere, but it did mildly occupy me for a couple hours. Unique enough to be its own entity, not just copying the billion other games out there like some stupid bread colored chameleon. Wish it was more sandboxy.

Anyone who really enjoys these building/rts games should give this at minimum a doubletake and pause.


The Spatials earns a democratic 3 out of 5.


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