FS Passengers 2015: FSX Steam Ed. Review!

FS Passengers 2015: FSX Steam Ed. Review!

FS Passengers 2015 is one of the best Flight Sim X addons I’ve ever seen. Just updated for FSX Steam Edition, FS Passengers 2015 turns FSX into an actual game!

This is the most complete overhaul FSX will probably ever receive. Company management, purchasing planes, pilot ranks, and even a hugely rewarding flight quality system turn FSX into the game I’ve wanted since basically the introduction of flight simulator in like 1901.

I bought a few planes, created a pilot, and flew some people out of Detroit. I’ve done this a billion times in un-modded FSX and it’s never been super eventful gameplay. With FS Passengers, I actually have motivation to provide the best flight possible for the hotties in the back. With constant scrutiny, this is a strong challenge.

Turns FSX into an actual game

The most important part of FS Passengers is its core Flight Quality system. Basically every variable in flight (g’s, speed, arrival time, procedure, etc.) is taken into account and affects passenger happiness, and overall flight score. Banking or diving too hard stresses occupants with excessive g’s is typically frowned upon in real life, and is very well implemented in the Flight Quality system. Even landings are graded on approach speed, angle, and vertical descent, this is hardcore stuff! Random failures of minor things like gauges or engines are thrown in the mix sometimes to keep u guessin. Getting a perfect flight with FS Passengers is tough, and that’s exactly the level of realism I want from a literal “flight simulator” in my dungeon.

The amount of stuff packed into FS Passengers as just extras is completely unexpected. A virtual co-pilot makes it possible to use quick keyboard shortcuts to type in nav frequencies and headings. A whole channel of random radio chatter helps create a more immersive environment. For obscure aircraft, the FS Passengers website has hundreds of community uploaded payload models and if all else fails there are tools to create this data yourself. This is a well thought out package. A 29 page pdf barely covers raw functionality, and offers almost no advice. It’s wonderful.

A 2002 era interface is disappointing. It’s not particularly difficult to manage flights, all of the functionality is mostly easy to access, but I found myself having to bounce back and forth from flight planner to get numbers for stuff like proper fuel load. In my world, I’d prefer a standalone client to run next to fsx. Ideally this would have a list of my planes and their locations, maybe a flight log I could access without having to load a flight in fsx just to get into the menu. FS passengers stores all this information in its db files so I dunno. None of this is necessary though, for people who just want to fly and buy planes with fat cash everything is fine.

This is one of the best addons for any game I’ve ever seen. Adding new life to an aging dull title is exactly the point of modding, and this is exactly what FSX has always needed. FS Passengers is probably the most extensive overhaul FSX will ever see, and now with support for FSX Steam Edition this is a hottttt addon for people just getting into the game. Imagine gran turismo with no career mode.


Turns FSX into an actual game. Career mode is hard. Fs Passengers 2015 is an amazing addon.


  • – website with tons of extra aircraft load models, 1 click to download (carenado, etc.)
  • – fancy window to manage flight loading, can send fuel to individual tanks (tip tanks, forward/back)
  • – adds actual game elements to FSX. Career mode, company management, buying planes woooo
  • – tons of keyboard shortcuts, virutal Co-Pilot quickly enters com & nav values very quickly
  • – 29 page pdf documents basic features thoroughly
  • – makes FSX fun.


  • – changing aircraft color/livery/skin isn’t recognized. (possibly realistic I guess)
  • – no quick way to see plane fuel consumption/hour in load management window. have to use fsx flight planner. Too much bouncing around windows if you didn’t write stuff down first
  • – mini display doesn’t label icons or have hover tooltips, had to read documentation
  • – crashing & freezing fsx. could be conflict with installed planes or a million other things. Probablyyy simconnect.
  • – simconnect issues, was already installed but said it wasnt, ended up googling some newer version, I have no idea.
  • – wish there was a standalone client or something so I know where my planes are and some kind of career progress at a glance.

Site: http://www.fspassengers.com/

FS Passengers 2015 Steam Edition is a game changing 5 out of 5

Old Scoot!
Old Scoot!