My Pet Rock Review: How to Save the Planet!

My Pet Rock Review: How to Save the Planet!

My Pet Rock is very good. A cross between Missile Command & Asteroids. My Pet Rock throws in some upgrades, powerups, and its unique ship handling physics to make a tuff lil mo.

Blow up other ships, protect ur planet. Exploded ships drop scrap and sometimes powerups. Scrap buys stuff out of the giant upgrade store, and powerups make ur body more powerful. The upgrade store is full of stuff, and hard to navigate by importance. There are different categories, like planet upgrades or ship upgrades. Each level of upgrade takes about a wave of blastin to purchase, which can be terrible if you drop all your cash on building wells and a boss pops up all OO LETS KISS. Powerups can be lame like adding a 2nd power shot, or actually useful like a full time robot sentry that shoots stuff.

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The art style is good, there are some minor issues like main menu font which aren’t consistent with the rest of the design. The ships lack any fine details and all the planets pretty much look the same. The game doesn’t have ultrawide support, which is annoying for us in the 1%, and doesn’t have a regular windowed mode which resizes gracefully, playing at 1600×900 windowed on a 21:9 is stupid. 1920×1080 is useless too because the menu buttons are on the bottom, which is hidden under my taskbar if it’s in window mode. Fix that and u got 100% happiness.

Sound is just like old Asteroid. Lots of saw waves and tiny bizness.

There are a few little improvements that would make the game a lil hotter. I’d like to see more upgrades dropped by enemies. Pacing could be a little faster and more wild but it’s not wrong. Extreme replayability, there’s so many upgrades and paths to work I don’t even know wtf to do. It’s not a hard game to get into, but there’s no help either.

Very good game for what it is. $2 for this is great just to gift to ur dog or a hottie u think u knw but really she playin harder than Floyd Snorble.

It’s pretty tuff too. If u think ur good you might beat the first boss.

My Pet Rock whips a 5/5

Old Scoot!
Old Scoot!

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