Project Cars: Disappointing Xbox Live Games with Gold

Project Cars: Disappointing Xbox Live Games with Gold

Project Cars is cool if you like games that aren’t really games.

When I want a hot game to drop hours into, I’m kind of looking for game elements. Things like Points, Levels, XP, Dollas, these are all cool rewards you get when you beat something challenging. That’s the point of a game. Project Cars really doesn’t contain any of this, the only reward is unlocking new races and a gold star sticker for finishing career mode. Xbox achievements are the only real return on investment, but atleast one requires beating the impossible kart races which just don’t work. Gran Turismo’s kart races were totally fine I dunno wtf happened here.

Dirty Diego

I don’t like sandbox games that don’t care about the player. Project Cars is lifeless. Monotonous in every single way. There’s no fun. Gran Turismo 1 on playstation was life changing, you could buy so much crazy stuff and work toward getting new hotter cars and upgrades and all that. When you built up a big betty booty beast and massacred the entire track it was the greatest accomplishment in any game ever made at the time. Gran Turismo 2 had even more cars and races and rally modes and it just changed the possibilities forever. Project Cars comes along, markets itself as Tha Big One, and just shits all over the lawn and leaves like some delusional dude they just call Dirty Diego. Theres no gameplay at all. You just click next race over and over like a cheap iphone app. Stuck with the same car for races over and over is so goddamn boring. There’s no variety. It’s all exactly the same for as many hours as you wanna waste. These people have no concept of what normal humans find enjoyable.

Project Cars 2 comes out fall 2017 sometime. They’re running an obscure kickstarter scheme on their homepage, so I’m assuming the game didn’t sell anywhere near what they expected. If you wanna drop 10k, you can have din din with some random stranger and get the season pass dlc if it even releases.

Project Cars 2 Crowdfunding Perks

project cars 2 perks crowdfunding levels

I don’t think this IP has a future. This shit’s not cheap to make, they completely fucked up the first one and have to crowdfund the next. The entire homepage just asking for money instead of showing how this game will be better is pretty much all I need to see. Programmers and designers locked in a project for years have no real outside view of what they’re making. Stuff comes out like hot garbage and it’s not their fault, they were just doing what they were told to do by the directors and project managers. These people are full metal asshats exclusively. If their company goes bankrupt it’s completely their fault for shipping whatever the hell this last thing was. I guess they just move on to destroying the next company with zero repercussions while everyone loses their jobs. Coo.

– Old Scoot <3

Old Scoot!
Old Scoot!

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