Rocketbirds 2 Review (Steam): How are Chicken Nuggets Made?

Rocketbirds 2 Review (Steam): How are Chicken Nuggets Made?

Rocketbirds 2 is the best game I’ve played in like a year. Totally unexpected and does so much stuff right. Very impressive.

You play as a big chicken who got taken prisoner by evil do-ers and you gotta escape. Early on you rescue metal chicken and he rides on your back and shoots mofos while you’re busy hoppin and choppin. Story is ridiculous and there are a ton of cutscenes if you wanna watch through all that. Rocketbirds 2!

Rocketbirds 2 mechanically is a slippery lil platformer with some double jumpin, puzzles, and lots of shootin peppered in. If you like navigating mazes and opening doors this is the bizness.

The physics aren’t perfect. It plays fine for what it is, but doesn’t have that super tight control like some other established platformers. Shootin is good, but not perfect and guns feel kinda clunky sometimes. Aiming is difficult and the reticle gets lost very easily on the screen. These are all minor observations and detract little from the overall game, which is easily the best thing released in 2017 so far. People gave Watch Dogs 2 like 99/100, they’re all idiots this is what a true hot hot game looks like.

I really enjoy the variety of everything. There’s lots of different guns and every like 10 minutes you pick up a new one. The inventory system is good and you don’t have to give up your old guns, just open up and swap back to whatever. They all have different stats, and headshot damage is an amazing detail they added. Gameplay changes all the time too, pacing is excellent and doesn’t get boring. It’s a very good mix of puzzles and action. Enemies and bosses are always changing, every few minutes something new happens. It’s really good.

It’s just fun. So few games are enjoyable to play. Watch Dogs 2 feels like sitting in a nursing home tryin to sell tshirts to old women. No thanks. Rocketbirds 2 is like when you have a yardsale and the whole place sells out in 30min and you got like $320 in ur pocket and some woman named Deirdree txts says whatchu doin my lawn needs mowed if you wanna make 50 cents. U tell her ur busy aint no time for her broke caboose you just got new Guccis and a bucket of KFC and it aint even 10am. Snapchat full of hotties and they all want a piece of the pecan pie. Rocketbirds 2.

Lots of different guns, lots of enemies, boss battles. Lots of cool stuff happenin. Definitely worth playing if you’re remotely interested in this genre, or if you just like chickens.


  • good sound. gsm signal noise when hackin phones
  • guns feel OK, not perfect. They don’t have crisp feel and are somewhat clunky.
  • higher damage for headshots
  • can skip cutscenes and nonsense
  • High variety of enemies, new ones pop up constantly. Lots of bosses and different combat scenarios.
  • Art style is good, definitely looks like a chicken murder plant run by evil do-ers.


  • no ultrawide resolution
  • reloading at full ammo is very annoying
  • pretty terrible voice acting, main character should be the strongest lead but does not stand out compared to others. Entertaining enemies though.
  • Phone hacking takes way too long, interrupts game feel

Check it out on Steam

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Rocketbirds 2 flops in with 5 nuggets out of 5

Rocketbirds 2 review steam

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