Show FPS Framerate in Game with MSI Afterburner: How To

Show FPS Framerate in Game with MSI Afterburner: How To

How to show FPS in game with MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner

It’s fairly easy to set up MSI Afterburner & Riva tuner to show framerate in games. These tools work with any card Nvidia or AMD regardless of manufacturer, you don’t have to use msi for this to work. All you powercolor lovers out there get excited.

Difficulty: 2/10

Time: 5 minutes

Steps We’re Gonna Cover::

  1. Download & Install MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner
  2. Reboot
  3. Configure Riva Tuner
  4. Configure MSI Afterburner
  5. Test

How to Show FPS:

Step 1: Download MSI Afterburner & Riva Tuner

show fps in game msi afterburner riva tuner

Step 2: Reboot (this is annoyingly necessary)

Step 3: Configure Riva Tuner

show fps in game msi afterburner riva tuner

Hit Start > type Riva > Open that sass

Riva has a few quick options that make it work much better. These are my settings which work in almost every game:

Riva Application Detection Level set to Medium is a good starting point.

Framerate Limit is very useful and works extremely well with this program. This option is good if you play games which don’t have a built in fps limit and run the gpu way too high for no reason. Framerate Limiter in Riva is system wide so set it once and every game will cooperate. I have mine at 70fps with a 60hz monitor for no real reason, I just find some games drop under 60 if the limit is also at 60. Minimum setting needs to match your monitor refresh rate.

Can click a corner of the monitor image and the statistics will show up there.

Step 4: Configure MSI Afterburner

show fps in game msi afterburner riva tuner

This step is more involved.

Open Afterburner’s settings page.

Select the “Monitoring” tab.

This page requires selecting what data you want in the FPS Display.

Scroll down and click “Framerate

Tick “Show in On-Screen Display” and it’s done.

I also have CPU Usage, RAM usage, Memory Usage, and CPU & GPU Temp in my display. Nothing else is super important to my life.

The final step is moving to the “On-Screen Display” tab.

Set a hotkey for “Toggle On-Screen Display”

I use Shift+Left because there has never been a time in my life where I’ve pressed this in a game.

The other 2 hotkey options are not necessary. If they are already set I would clear them.

Hit okie dokie

Step 5: Testin

Open Minecraft see if it works.

Hit Shift+Left Arrow to show FPS, it should appear instantly.

If you set an fps limit in Riva as suggested, minecraft will also limit itself to that number and not run 5000 fps with 100% gpu on mega meltdown mode.

Show FPS in-game! Useful!

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