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Project Cars: Disappointing Xbox Live Games with Gold

Project Cars is cool if you like games that aren’t really games. When I want a hot game to drop hours into, I’m kind of looking for game elements. Things like Points, Levels, XP, Dollas, these are all cool rewards you get when you beat something challenging. That’s the point of a game. Project Cars […]

Finding Teddy 2: Review

Tasking you with great adventures and a little peril, Finding Teddy 2 throws you into a big ole fantasy world looking pretty much like a supersized doll house. Unfortunately, straying from the standard platformer concept and aspiring to be unique leads this game straight into a tedious nightmare. The presentation of Finding Teddy 2 is […]

Best PC Controller? Gamepad Review Comparison

Choosing the best PC controller is tuff. I use a controller on PC constantly. Racing games, Sports, Flight Simulators, platformers, XBMC/Kodi, these all work significantly better with a controller. With Steam Big Picture & Media PC stuff becoming more prominent in the living room, I need a controller on pc more than ever before, especially wireless. Here […]

Best Gaming Keyboard?

The best gaming keyboards take a serious beating. When you’re sidestrafin AWP idiots from a mile away with out even a care, a keyboard that withstands significant tap tappin and namecalling is pretty important. Keyboards haven’t changed much in the last 900 years and there are two basic types: Mechanical, or Membrane. Mechanical keyboards have actual switches, and […]

Best Gaming Mousepad?

Having a solid mousepad for gaming is pretty super important. Spending $100 on a mouse and having to grind it against a wooden table covered in sand and whole doritos is just a tragedy, a mousepad helps to prevent this. Depending on which mouse you buy, Laser or Optical sensors perform differently on certain surfaces […]

Xbox Live VS Steam VS PS Plus

Xbox Live has its downs and ups, but for only ninety nine crisp internet dollar bills you can get your comeuppance for an entire 2 years. $99 for a 24 month Xbox Live subscription is insane. I’m a strong believer that Xbox Live Gold should be completely free, PS Plus should be free, Steam is free. […]

Sega Mega Arcade Pack Bundle! 48 Games for 10$!!

Sega made some of the best arcade games in history. Sonic the Hedgehog! Streets of Rage!!! ECCO THE DOLPHIN! Amazon has a bundle right now with 48 of those hotties for ten dollars! Decades of entertainment!!!   The 48 Game Sega Mega Arcade Pack contains the following: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast […]