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Finding Teddy 2: Review

Tasking you with great adventures and a little peril, Finding Teddy 2 throws you into a big ole fantasy world looking pretty much like a supersized doll house. Unfortunately, straying from the standard platformer concept and aspiring to be unique leads this game straight into a tedious nightmare. The presentation of Finding Teddy 2 is […]

Best PC Controller? Gamepad Review Comparison

Choosing the best PC controller is tuff. I use a controller on PC constantly. Racing games, Sports, Flight Simulators, platformers, XBMC/Kodi, these all work significantly better with a controller. With Steam Big Picture & Media PC stuff becoming more prominent in the living room, I need a controller on pc more than ever before, especially wireless. Here […]

Best Gaming Keyboard?

The best gaming keyboards take a serious beating. When you’re sidestrafin AWP idiots from a mile away with out even a care, a keyboard that withstands significant tap tappin and namecalling is pretty important. Keyboards haven’t changed much in the last 900 years and there are two basic types: Mechanical, or Membrane. Mechanical keyboards have actual switches, and […]

Best Gaming Mousepad?

Having a solid mousepad for gaming is pretty super important. Spending $100 on a mouse and having to grind it against a wooden table covered in sand and whole doritos is just a tragedy, a mousepad helps to prevent this. Depending on which mouse you buy, Laser or Optical sensors perform differently on certain surfaces […]

Sega Mega Arcade Pack Bundle! 48 Games for 10$!!

Sega made some of the best arcade games in history. Sonic the Hedgehog! Streets of Rage!!! ECCO THE DOLPHIN! Amazon has a bundle right now with 48 of those hotties for ten dollars! Decades of entertainment!!!   The 48 Game Sega Mega Arcade Pack contains the following: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle Alien Soldier Alien Storm Altered Beast […]